Former President Donald Trump lived up to expectations and announced Tuesday that he is making another run for the White House. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Great for the US future.
Former President Donald Trump ended months of speculation and announced Tuesday he will run to retake the White House in 2024. New York Post
VOA VIEW: This should bring major fear to Biden, Dems, liberal media and big social media.
A federal judge vacates the U.S. border policy known as Title 42 that allowed border agents to quickly turn back migrants. LA Times
VOA VIEW: A major mistake.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy is one step closer to becoming House speaker, but that vote won't come until the new Congress convenes in January. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Good start.
In an interview, the former vice president expressed anger over Donald Trump’s conduct on Jan. 6, 2021, but deflected questions about his character. New York Times
VOA VIEW: There is no stronger and wiser choice.
Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer gave a stark warning to Republicans to either reject former President Donald Trump's MAGA movement and join Democrats in a bipartisan fashion -- or keep losing elections. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Schumer and Dems fear Trump.
Despite a historic low point in relations, Biden and Xi appear relaxed and sound more like CEOs than adversaries after face-to-face meeting. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Biden acted and looked like the fool he is.
She's sticking to her position that she needs to “make sure they’re stabilized” — i.e., have work permits — before she’d consider relocation. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Hochul is an idiot.
NASA's launch capability comes “as the agency starts to embrace the commercial space industry.” NASA is shifting “from telling industry what to build” to “telling industry what it wants” and “then getting out of the way and letting businesses innovate.” New York Post


"The status quo is broken and big change is needed," tweeted Scott, a former Florida governor. "It's time for new leadership in the Senate that unites Republicans to advance a bold conservative agenda. New York Post
VOA VIEW: It will prove interesting.
Mr. Musk, who is rapidly transforming the social media company, also has cut its contractor work force. New York Times
A small study demonstrated that deep brain stimulation, used for people with Parkinson’s disease, can limit an urge to overeat. New York Times
Consumer Reports released rankings for the most reliable vehicle types and brands. Hybrids came out on top, while EVs and trucks had low scores.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: EVs should be the most unreliable choice.

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The former chairperson of a local Democratic Party in Connecticut must serve two years' probation and pay a $35,000 fine for fraudulently submitting absentee applications and ballots for dozens of people without their knowledge during a local election. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Dems are the fraudulent and cheaters.
A new study finds that more babies have been born in Texas since it restricted abortions last year, challenging the claim that women there are simply terminating pregnancies out of state. Washington Times
The Democrats' maintaining control over the Senate guarantees President Biden more opportunities to appoint judges, giving the federal bench a more liberal bent. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Unfortunately!


Voters in Portland, Oregon, driven by frustration with surging homelessness and a desire to make government more inclusive, have approved a ballot measure that will completely reinvent City Hall, ushering in seismic changes that local officials will have just two years to put in place. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Portland has gone too far to the left.
Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar said he received multiple calls from people close to McCarthy, including one current Republican member. ABC
VOA VIEW: It would be a smart move for Cuellar.
China has stolen Americans' data more than all other nations combined, FBI Director Chris Wray told Congress. ABC
VOA VIEW: Nothing new.
Shalanda Young, director of the Office of Management and Budget, made the emergency supplemental funding request to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. CBS
VOA VIEW: The WH will not be getting what it wants after Republicans take over the House.
McCarthy fended off a late challenge from GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona. CBS

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Prosecutors allege Allen Weisselberg was part of a corporate scheme to help Trump Organization executives "cheat" their taxes. CBS
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.
Georgia's ban on abortion starting around six weeks into a pregnancy has been overturned by a judge. CBS
VOA VIEW: A questionable ruling.
The former FTX CEO tweeted a series of cryptic comments, adding that his "memory might be faulty in parts." CBS
VOA VIEW: Fraud and theft can't be explained.

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The focus is now on how settlement dollars will be used and whether they can curtail overdose deaths. CBS
Students from India are returning to U.S. colleges, but enrollment of international students from China is down, a new report shows. CBS
VOA VIEW: China students should not be acceptable.
A senior adviser told CBS News that, in Trump's mind, it would look weak if he didn't launch his campaign. CBS
Households increased debt during the third quarter at the fastest pace in 15 years due to hefty increases in credit card usage and mortgage balances. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A said mistake to avoid.
Consumer Reports surveyed owners of more than 300,000 vehicles to make predictions about the reliability of 2023 model year vehicles. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Buying an EV is a big mistake.
Treasury yields fell on Tuesday as markets after October’s producer price index figures came in less than expected, indicating inflation may be slowing CNBC
VOA VIEW: Don't count on the lower prices to continue.
Flu activity is the highest in the Southeastern U.S. and Washington D.C. right now. It is also very high in New York City and New Jersey. CNBC
CNN's Kyung Lah says Kari Lake's projected loss in the Arizona governor's race is in part due to Independent and moderate Republican voters rejecting Lake's rhetoric. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN is talking foolishness.
A middle school teacher in Pflugerville, Texas, has been fired, district officials said Monday, after video was posted to social media showing the White teacher tell his students his race "is the superior one." CNN
VOA VIEW: Blacks say the same thing.
The man accused of attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, pleaded not guilty in a San Francisco federal court Tuesday morning. CNN
Good news for home improvement retail giant Home Depot: Sales were up nearly 6% from a year ago, topping Wall Street's forecasts. Earnings were better than expected, too. CNN
The U.S. Senate is expected to hold a procedural vote Wednesday on the Respect for Marriage Act, which would codify same-sex marriage rights. UPI
VOA VIEW: Time will tell if it holds.
Two missiles or rockets have struck a farm in Poland, killing two people, according to local reports. UPI
VOA VIEW: Not a good sign, but little will be done the first time.
Sen. Raphael Warnock's campaign filed a lawsuit in Fulton County, Ga., to allow for Saturday early voting in the upcoming runoff election between Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker. UPI
VOA VIEW: Warnock thinks it will help his candidacy.
The U.S. Treasury Department issued sanctions Tuesday against multiple companies responsible for providing unmanned aerial vehicles to the Russian military for use in Ukraine. UPI
VOA VIEW: As it should.
While inflationary pressures are easing, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Tuesday that consumer debt was on the rise, with credit card balances jumping by $38 billion year-over-year. UPI
Wholesale prices increased by 0.2% in October, a lower-than-expected number, according to data released on Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. UPI
VOA VIEW: Don't count on it.
The United States and South Korea completed the planned relocation of their combined forces headquarters to a military base outside Seoul on Tuesday, as tensions with North Korea remain at their highest in years. UPI
VOA VIEW: NK is looking for big trouble.

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