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China Flies Nuclear-Capable Bmber In South China Sea After Trump Taiwan Call, US Officials Say
China flew a long-range nuclear-capable bomber outside China for the first time since President-elect Donald Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan, two US officials told Fox News. The dramatic show of force was meant to send a message to the new administration, according to the officials. It marks the second time Beijing flew bombers in the region since Trump was elected. Even more concerning for the Pentagon, China has been seen by American intelligence satellites preparing to ship more advanced surface-to-air missiles to its contested islands in the South China Sea. Fox News

Schumer Delivers Emotional Goodbye To Senate Democratic Leader Reid
New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer fought back tears in his emotional farewell to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. “Harry, I wouldn’t be the senator or the man that I am today without you,” Schumer said as he sniffled and his voice quivered in his farewell speech Thursday on Capitol Hill. Schumer -- whom Reid last spring picked to replace him as the chamber’s top Democrat, instead of second-ranking Senate Democrat Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin -- spoke for about 15 minutes before Reid’s farewell portrait was unveiled. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I will miss you,” Schumer said in closing Thursday. “It will be quite some time until we see another like Harry Reid. Until then, this portrait will have to do.” Fox News

Government Stays Open, Funding Bill Clears Key Hurdle In Senate
The Senate late Friday cleared a bill to fund the government through the end of April, narrowly averting a shutdown. The 63-36 vote came just before a midnight deadline when the government could have run out of money. Final passage came after a procedural vote to advance the measure was narrowly adopted. Needing 60 votes, it cleared 61-38. The vote took nearly an hour and was tense and uncertain to the end as senators weighed political and parochial interests in deciding which way to vote. Party leaders and whips, trying to save the must-pass bill, worked their members furiously. President Barack Obama signed the measure into law early Saturday. CNN

Trump & Boeing: It's Not About Air Force One, It's About China
Many former and current Boeing executives say they're far more worried about Trump's antagonism toward China, the largest and most important growth market for the crown jewel of American manufacturing. "The vulnerability to China is pretty clear," said one former senior Boeing executive. In contrast to the long term stakes over Boeing's future in China, the flap over the cost of Air Force One lasted 24 hours. CNN


U.S. Slated To Sell $375 Million Of Emergency Reserve Oil This Winter
The U.S. government is slated to sell $375 million worth of crude oil from the country's emergency reserve this winter after Congress passed a temporary spending bill on Friday that contained a measure authorizing the sale. President Barack Obama's administration has pushed Congress to approve an up to $2 billion plan for a revamp of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a string of heavily guarded underground salt caverns along the Gulf of Mexico filled with crude. The stash currently holds about 695 million barrels of oil. Reuters

Trump To Name Exxon CEO Tillerson Secretary Of State
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name the chief executive of Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) as the country's top diplomat, NBC News reported Saturday. Exxon chief Rex Tillerson emerged on Friday as Trump's leading candidate for U.S. secretary of state and met with him Saturday morning, a transition official told Reuters. The transition official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Tillerson, 64, had moved ahead in Trump's deliberations over 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has met Trump twice, including at a dinner in New York. Reuters

International College Students Leery Of Trump Could Cost U.S. Billions
Talal Al-Johani, a high school student in Saudi Arabia, couldn't imagine going to college anywhere else but the United States. For the last two years, the 17-year-old has been collecting university applications and making connections with admission counselors in an effort to land at a leading American institution. But after American voters elected Donald Trump as president, Al-Johani is having second thoughts. Leery of unclear policies and a potentially hostile social environment under a Trump presidency, international students may now be reconsidering higher education in the United States — and that potential "brain drain" could take a hefty financial toll on America's education economy, international education experts say. MSNBC

Trump Says Blacks With Doubts Stayed Home, 'That Was Almost As Good'
Donald Trump at a rally on Friday said African-American voters who didn't show up to the polls were "almost as good" for him as those who went out and voted for him. "The African-American community was great to us," Trump said. "They came through big league." "If they had any doubt, they didn't vote," Trump added. "And that was almost as good. Because a lot of people didn't show up, because they felt good about me." National exit polls showed Democrat Hillary Clinton winning African-Americans of Trump 89 to 8 percent - but that marked a slight drop from 2012, when President Barack Obama led Mitt Romney among African-Americans 93 to 6 percent. MSNBC


DNI Clapper: We ‘Don’t Have Good Insight’ Into Alleged Russian Hacking
As recently as Nov. 17, James Clapper, the nation’s top intelligence officer, told Congress his agencies “don’t have good insight” into a direct link between Wikileaks and the emails supposedly hacked by a Russian operation from Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign. During the campaign, Wikileaks released reams of embarrassing internal emails between campaign chairman John Podesta, other campaign officials and the Democratic National Committee. One emailed showed candidate Clinton was provided the questions ahead of a CNN town hall appearance. Washington Times

Trump Campaign Manager Conway To Lead Christmas Parade
Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager is returning to her native New Jersey to lead a holiday parade. Kellyanne Conway will be grand marshal of Saturday’s Christmas parade in Hammonton, where Trump topped Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November election. The Hammonton Fire Department says Conway was raised in Atco and graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in Hammonton in 1985. She spent summers working at Indian Brand Blueberry Farms before leaving for college in Washington, D.C. CBS

Trump "Feels Very Warmly" About Israel And Jews, Says Netanyahu
In an interview with 60 Minutes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he’s never been as hopeful about Israel’s place in the world than he is now and that he welcomes the presidency of Donald Trump. “I know him very well,” Netanyahu told Lesley Stahl in an interview that airs this Sunday. “And I think his attitude, his support for Israel is very clear. He feels very warmly about the Jewish state, about the Jewish people and about Jewish people. There’s no question about that.” CBS

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Trump Deepens Goldman Ties As He Builds Out Economic Team
In the heat of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump accused primary rival Ted Cruz of being controlled by Goldman Sachs because his wife, Heidi, previously worked for the Wall Street giant. He slammed Hillary Clinton for receiving speaking fees from the bank. "I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him," Trump said of Cruz. "Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton." Now, Trump is putting Goldman executives at the helm of his administration's economic team. He's expected to name bank president Gary Cohn to an influential White House policy post, according to two people informed of the decision, and has already nominated former Goldman executive Steve Mnuchin to lead the Treasury Department. Steve Bannon, Trump's incoming White House senior adviser, also worked at Goldman before becoming a conservative media executive. ABC

Recounts Bring Stein Publicity That Eluded Her On The Trail
Long before presidential recounts crossed her mind, trash dumping and mercury contamination pushed Jill Stein into politics. Stein, a physician, joined a 1990s movement to shut down or better regulate mercury-polluting incinerators in Massachusetts. She authored papers on child neurological damage and spoke at public gatherings. She testified at hearings as a medical expert. Massachusetts eventually enacted strict limits on mercury emissions, and a few incinerators closed. But Stein had begun to see the system as set up to block change, and when the Green Party recruited her to run for governor in 2002, she took the chance. ABC

Kerry Says Russia’s Choices Are Key To Resolving Syria Civil War
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry all but conceded that Russia holds the key to ending the Syrian Civil War and persuading the Assad regime to negotiate a political settlement. “We’re trying to do more than wring our hands and express our outrage,” Kerry said Saturday in Paris after a meeting of countries that support Syria’s beleaguered moderate rebels. “There could be a way forward but it depends on big magnanimous choices from Russia.” Forces loyal to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, backed by Russian air power and Shiite militias from Iran and Lebanon, have retaken much of rebel-held Aleppo in recent days. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has rejected calls for a ceasefire, saying it would only allow the rebels to regroup. Bloomberg


Europe’s Big Airlines Are Nowhere Near As Profitable As Their U.S. Rivals
On the surface, the European airline industry doesn’t look much changed from 20 years ago: National flag carriers such as Air France, British Airways, Iberia, KLM, and Lufthansa dominate a handful of giant hub airports. Dig a bit deeper, and you’ll see that the market has shifted in a big way. Over the past decade or so, 10 legacy airlines across the region have combined into three huge groups, a consolidation that makes the market look a lot like the U.S. But while restructuring at American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Continental Holdings has led to record earnings in recent years, the Europeans remain far less profitable. Their workforces remain restive and strike-prone, they face a web of restrictions from regulators in multiple countries, and for reasons of national pride, the airlines in the big groups continue to operate as separate brands—with many of the associated costs. Bloomberg

Adding 200 More Troops To Syria, US Deepens Involvement
Drawing the U.S. deeper into the Syria conflict, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Saturday he is sending 200 more troops to accelerate the push on the Islamic State's self-declared capital of Raqqa. The 200, to include special operations troops, are in addition to 300 already authorized for the effort to recruit, organize, train and advise local Syrian Arab and Kurdish forces to fight IS. Carter said the expanded U.S. involvement was approved by President Barack Obama last week. On his final tour of the Mideast as Pentagon chief, Carter cast the new troop commitment as evidence that the U.S. backs its anti-IS words with military muscle. He offered an extensive defense of the Obama administration's efforts to defeat the extremists, and he aimed sharp jabs at the region's Arab powers, saying they need to stop complaining of U.S. shortcomings and do more to protect their own neighborhoods. Las Vegas Sun

South Koreans Rally Again, This Time To Celebrate Impeachment
The previous time South Korea's parliament voted to impeach a president, ruling party lawmakers bawled and hurled ballot boxes, a man set himself on fire in front of the National Assembly, and thousands glumly held candlelight vigils night after night to save late liberal President Roh Moo-hyun. Twelve years later, the mood couldn't have been more different, with massive crowds returning to Seoul's streets on Saturday, a day after lawmakers voted in favor of removing disgraced President Park Geun-hye. The vote for impeachment left protesters basking in pride, believing they had repaired a damaged democracy with their weekly demonstrations. Las Vegas Sun

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Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' Sequel To Premiere At Sundance
Paramount Pictures says it will release in theaters next year the follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, former Vice President Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary about the global climate crisis. Directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, the sequel to the 2006 documentary follows Gore as he continues his fight to build a more sustainable future for the planet. The film will premiere on the opening night of the Sundance Film Festival. "Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis," Gore said in a statement Friday. "But we have reason to be hopeful; the solutions to the crisis are at hand. I'm deeply honored and grateful that Paramount Pictures and Participant Media have once again taken on the task of bringing the critical story of the climate crisis to the world." UPI

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Palestinian Authority Delegation Heads To US Hoping To Meet With Trump
A senior Palestinian Authority delegation is headed to Washington in a bid to exert influence over US policy in the waning weeks of the Obama administration. The delegation is being led by Saeb Erekat, a top aide to PA President Mahmoud Abbas who has overseen negotiations with Israel in the past. He confirmed the trip to the Voice of Palestine radio station Saturday. According to a report in al-Quds newspaper, the delegation, which includes intelligence chief Majid Faraj and Husam Zomlot, Abbas’s strategic affairs adviser, is scheduled to meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday. Jerusalem Post

Hezbollah Denies It Promised Russia No Attacks On Israel
Hezbollah is "almost certain" that the IAF was behind strikes on its forces from Lebanese airspace on Wednesday. Hezbollah said on Friday that there is no truth to reports it assured Russia there would be no military response to the alleged Israeli strikes on its forces in Syria on Wednesday, according to a Hezbollah statement read out on its Al-Manar TV station. The terror organization said the reports were an "invention." "These reports are a total lie and fabrication," the statement read. Despite the strong denials, Hezbollah did not explicitly promise an attack, leaving doubt as to whether one will be forthcoming. The Syrian regime accused Israel of firing surface-to-surface missiles targeting the Mezzeh Air Base near Damascus on Wednesday, causing damage but no casualties. Hezbollah’s Al-Maydeen television channel said the group “was almost certain” that the Israel Air Force carried out the strikes from Lebanese airspace. Jerusalem Post

Syria Conflict: US Urges 'Grace' As Aleppo's Fall Nears
The US secretary of state has called on the Syrian government and its Russian backers to "show a little grace" as their forces close in on the remaining rebel-held area of the city of Aleppo. John Kerry was speaking after a meeting in Paris of governments that back the Syrian opposition. Latest reports from the city say the rebel enclave is being hit by repeated air and rocket strikes. Civilians are said to be streaming out of the city in large numbers. BBC

Yemen Suicide Bomb Kills Dozens During Payday Gathering
A suicide bomber has killed at least 35 soldiers and wounded dozens at an army base in southern Yemen, officials say. The attack happened while soldiers had gathered to receive their salaries at a barracks in the city of Aden, which is controlled by pro-government forces. Some estimates put the death toll as high as 50, with as many as 70 injured. No-one has yet said they carried out the attack, but the city has previously been targeted by jihadist groups in the region. In August, a suicide attack claimed by IS killed at least 60 people in the city. BBC

FBI Covered Up Russian Influence On Trump's Election Win, Harry Reid Claims
The FBI covered up information about Russia seeking to tip the 2016 presidential election in Donald Trump’s favour, a senior Democrat claimed on Saturday, after reports emerged about spy agencies’ investigations into hacks of US political parties. Harry Reid, outgoing Senate minority leader, compared FBI director James Comey to the agency’s notorious founder, J Edgar Hoover, and called for his resignation. A secret CIA analysis found that people with connections to the Russian government provided emails, hacked from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks in the final months of the election, according to a Washington Post report published late Friday. Guardian

New Medical Marijuana Research Could Greenlight More Uses In Treatment
Despite its continuing hardline stance against marijuana, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has shown some signs of relenting and this summer opened the door to allowing more farms to grow cannabis for official research purposes. That’s an important step forward that may change the potential marijuana has for medical treatment. Up to this point, researchers have had to depend on just one farm at the University of Mississippi to supply cannabis for all studies. Eight states have voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and 28 states now allow its use for medical purposes. Under federal law, however, marijuana continues to be classified as a highly dangerous illegal drug. Despite the DEA’s resistance to reclassification, marijuana has a broad list of potential medical applications, from treating pain to neurological diseases. Further study could open up many new medical treatments. Guardian

Drone Strike Kills Militant Linked To Charlie Hebdo Attack
An Islamic State leader linked to the 2015 attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was killed in a US airstrike in Syria, US military officials said on Friday. Boubaker al-Hakim was killed in Raqqa on November 26, officials said. He is believed to have played a role in Islamic State attack planning. The officials weren't authorised to discuss the strike publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Al-Hakim, a 33-year-old French Tunisian, was a mentor to the brothers who gunned down cartoonists at the French paper on January 7, 2015. Telegraph

Worried For The Safety Of Civilians In Libya's Ganfouda, UN Envoy Calls For A Safe Passage To Allow Evacuations
Expressing deep concern that civilians remain in Ganfouda area of the Libyan city, Benghazi, despite a unilateral ceasefire announced by the Libyan National Army, the United Nations envoy for the country called on the parties to provide another safe passage to allow for the evacuation of all civilians who wish to leave in a secure and dignified manner. “Reports of shells being fired and civilians being prevented from leaving are extremely concerning,” said Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and the head of the UN Support Mission in the country (UNSMIL) in a news release. UN News

Ghana: Congratulating New President, UN Chief Thanks Outgoing Leader For Preserving Peace During Polls
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has congratulated the Nana Akufo-Addo on his election as President of Ghana and thanked outgoing President John Dramani Mahama for his role in defusing tensions and preserving peace during the election period. According to a statement issued by his office late yesterday, Mr. Ban reiterated UN’s commitment to continue assisting the Government of Ghana in consolidating democratic and development achievements. The UN chief also congratulated the people of the African nation, who turned out in large numbers to participate in the presidential and parliamentary elections on 7 December, and commended the country’s Electoral Commission for successfully organizing the elections. UN News

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