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Amid North Korea Dangers, US To Launch First Of-Its-Kind Missile Tntercept Test
The Pentagon announced plans for a test  in just a few days that would involve shooting down an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) — similar to what North Korea has launched. U.S. military personnel plan to launch a custom-made missile from the Marshall Islands and aim to shoot it down in space by firing an interceptor missile from a base in California. The missile is meant to simulate an ICBM, meaning it will fly faster than missiles used in previous intercept tests, according to Christopher Johnson, spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency. The target is not a mock-up of an actual North Korean ICBM. Fox News
VOA VIEW: It would be better to knock out the next missile that North Korea sends out.

Steve Bannon To Head Trump's Russia War Room Of Legal 'A-Team,' Street Fighters And Surrogates
Steve Bannon is not a lawyer, but the chief White House strategist is poised to become the senior partner in a heavyweight firm of bareknuckle barristers at the center of President Trump's counter-offensive against Russia collusion claims. Bannon, the former Breitbart executive whose no-holds-barred approach served Trump well in the homestretch of his presidential campaign, headed home from Trump's foreign trip and is reportedly the quarterback of an emerging war room of high-powered lawyers, surrogates and researchers. Fox News

Comey Acted On Russian Intelligence He Knew Was Fake
Then-FBI Director James Comey knew that a critical piece of information relating to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email was fake -- created by Russian intelligence -- but he feared that if it became public it would undermine the probe and the Justice Department itself, according to multiple officials with knowledge of the process. As a result, Comey acted unilaterally last summer to publicly declare the investigation over -- without consulting then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch -- while at the same time stating that Clinton had been "extremely careless" in her handling of classified information. His press conference caused a firestorm of controversy and drew criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. CNN
VOA VIEW: Comey is far from being Mr. Clean.

Boehner Chides Trump Administration 'Disaster'
Former House Speaker John Boehner gave President Donald Trump's young presidency low marks at an event Wednesday, saying that other than getting the House to pass a health care bill, "everything else he's done has been a complete disaster." "He's still learning how to be president," Boehner said during an appearance as the keynote speaker for the KPMG Global Energy Conference, according to a recap from RigZone.com. Boehner also said that his hopes for tax reform had dimmed, calling the preliminary discussions that are going on "just a bunch of happy talk." "I was a little more optimistic about it early in the year; now my odds are 60/40 ... The border adjustment tax is deader than a doornail," he said, referencing a controversial plank of the tax plan currently being sketched by House GOP leaders. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN has failed in boasting Boehner.


Judicial Watch Sues For Records On Obama White House Unmasking Trump Associates
Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department (DOJ) and the National Security Agency (NSA) for information about Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice's communications concerning alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election, the hacking of DNC computers, and the "unmasking" (identification by name) of any Trump campaign or transition team personnel as part of U.S. intelligence gathering activities. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explained: “We want to know about the Obama White House involvement in the unprecedented spying on Donald Trump and other political opponents." “This intelligence operation may have led to the illegal ‘unmasking’ of Americans and the leaking of intelligence information to foment the story of Russian hacking of the DNC and sinister Russian influence on Trump and his associates," he said.   "The Trump administration has an opportunity to expose what the Obama White House was up to.” CNS
VOA VIEW: The liberal Obama gang will pay for their trauma and lies.

Pelosi Complains Trump's Trip 'Wasn't Even Alphabetical'
On Thursday, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) questioned President Donald Trump’s failure to visit countries in alphabetical order. Asked at a press conference to comment on Trump’s trip abroad, Pelosi expressed concern that Trump didn’t start with Canada (with the letter “C”) like previous presidents: “I thought it was unusual for the President of the United States to go to Saudi Arabia first. Saudi Arabia?” Pelosi said. “It wasn’t even alphabetical. I mean, Saudi Arabia.” “Now, notice the previous five presidents….four of them went to Canada first. And, one of them went to Mexico; George W. Bush went to Mexico first. What was the decision-making process to go to Saudi Arabia first? That is the question I have.” CNS News
VOA VIEW: Pelosi is liberal and stupid.

Hillary Clinton Attacks Proposed Trump Budget Cuts As 'Cruelty'
Hillary Clinton assailed the man who beat her to the White House, slamming as "unimaginable cruelty" President Donald Trump's proposal to cut $3.6 trillion in government spending over the next decade in a speech on Friday. The defeated Democratic candidate did not name the Republican president in her remarks to the graduating class at her alma mater, Wellesley College. But she took several veiled swipes at the businessman-turned-politician, whose budget proposal earlier this week proposed sharp cuts in programs for healthcare and food assistance. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Hillary is totally nuts.

Trump Travel Ban Fight Heads Toward Supreme Court Showdown
The fate of President Donald Trump's order to ban travelers from six predominantly Muslim nations, blocked by federal courts, may soon be in the hands of the conservative-majority Supreme Court, where his appointee Neil Gorsuch could help settle the matter. After the Richmond-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined on Thursday to lift a Maryland federal judge's injunction halting the temporary ban ordered by Trump on March 6, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the administration would appeal to the Supreme Court. A second regional federal appeals court heard arguments on May 15 in Seattle in the administration's appeal of a decision by a federal judge in Hawaii also to block the ban. A ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is pending. Reuters


Hillary Clinton Attacks Donald Trump At Wellesley College Graduation
Hillary Clinton returned to her alma mater, Wellesley College, Friday to deliver a fiery commencement address that attacked President Donald Trump and his policies — but it was her implicit comparisons between Nixon's resignation and the current administration that drew the loudest cheers. Clinton lashed out at what she described as the "unimaginable cruelty" of Trump's budget proposal and the pervasiveness of conspiracy theories and internet trolls. But when she talked about the mood on campus in 1969, the year she graduated, she got her biggest reception. MSNBC
VOA VIEW: Hillary sounded and looked like an idiot.

Trump Pushes Montenegro’s Prime Minister At NATO Summit
President Donald Trump's push to get in front of the pack at a NATO summit generated indignation in the Balkans and garnered attention on social media — but the man he shoved aside took it in stride. At Thursday's gathering in Brussels, Trump put his right hand on the right arm of Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and pushed himself ahead as NATO leaders walked inside the alliance's new headquarters and prepared for a group photo. MSNBC
VOA VIEW: Trump put himself in his right position.

Kelly Pushes Back On Obama Comments: ‘We’re Not Hiding Behind A Wall’
Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly pushed back Friday against comments made by former President Barack Obama about constructing a border wall. “We’re not hiding behind a wall. We’re constructing physical barriers backed up by technology, and of course the great men and women of customs and border protection, to simply safeguard our Southern border,” Mr. Kelly said on Fox News. “We’re not hiding behind a wall, and you can’t defend anything by hiding behind something.” Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The US is not hiding behind anything.

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FBI Possessed, Studied Anti-Trump Dossier, Says Former Top Spy
Former President Barack Obama’s former top spy has provided the first public confirmation that the FBI possessed and studied the discredited anti-Trump dossier that made unverified criminal charges against the president’s campaign associates and others. The full effect of the dossier — which began circulating in Washington in June, with periodic updates filled with sensational charges through December — is unknown. Press reports say it led or contributed to the FBI deciding to investigate Mr. Trump. Its charges began to appear in a smattering of press articles, Democratic talking points and social media during the campaign, though not always attributed. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The Obama clan can't hide and doesn't have the power to cover.

DHS Chief Says U.S. Has "Vulnerabilities" In Preventing Another Terror attack
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Friday said that the U.S. has some "vulnerabilities" in trying to prevent another terrorist attack. In an interview on "CBS This Morning," Kelly was asked about the Manchester bombing Monday and whether terrorists might attempt an attack of that nature in the U.S. "The reality is, they're attempting everything all the time," Kelly said. "Thus far, we've been successful in keeping an attack from overseas coming here, but we have some vulnerabilities." CBS

John Glenn's Remains At Center Of Air Force Watchdog Probe
A U.S. Air Force watchdog is investigating a report that a senior mortuary employee offered to show the remains of famed astronaut and Sen. John Glenn to military inspectors, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin confirmed Friday. The allegations were first reported by the Military Times, citing an internal memo dated May 11. In a statement Friday, an Air Force spokesman, Col. Patrick Ryder, said Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson directed the military branch's inspector general's office to investigate the allegations. CBS


Chinese Jets Come Within Several Hundred Feet Of US Plane Over South China Sea
Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets came within several hundred feet of a U.S. Navy P-3 Orion over the South China Sea on Thursday local time, U.S. officials said. The fighters flew 200 yards in front of the P-3 maritime surveillance aircraft with an altitude separation of 100 feet, an encounter the commander of the U.S. aircraft determined as "unsafe and unprofessional," U.S. officials said. According to a U.S. official, the Chinese jets were weaving ahead of the American plane, an action that concerned the U.S. pilot. ABC

Scrutiny Of Jared Kushner's Russia Contacts Brings The Probe To Trump's Inner Circle
The revelation that Jared Kushner's meetings with Russians are under scrutiny brings the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election to Trump's inner circle. The 36-year-old Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, has had a growing role in that circle over the past two years, from Trump family member to trusted campaign adviser to White House senior adviser. Kushner is a focus in the Russia investigation over his meetings with at least two Russian officials, Moscow's ambassador to the U.S. and a banking executive, sources tell ABC News. ABC
VOA VIEW: Kushner will come out fine.

BMW, Mercedes Become Latest Carmakers Caught In Trump Crossfire
BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW are getting their turn in the crosshairs of U.S. President Donald Trump, who’s making a habit out of attacking the visible -- and free trade-dependent -- auto industry. “The Germans are bad, very bad,” Der Spiegel cited Trump as saying to unidentified participants at a closed-door meeting Thursday with European Union officials in Brussels. “Look at the millions of cars that they sell in the U.S. Terrible. We’re going to stop that.” Bloomberg

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Investors Pour Money Into Brazil After Political Scandal Creates An Opening
Emerging-market stock pickers are using the corruption scandal surrounding Brazil President Michel Temer as an opportunity to pile into a market they already loved.
Flows into Brazilian equities from global and regional funds totaled $760 million from May 19 through Thursday, the most in almost five years, according to consultancy EPFR Global. While allegations that Temer was involved in a bribery scheme sent local markets into a selloff May 18, overseas investors snapped up the nation’s equities in the following days after a valuation measure plunged to the lowest in more than a year. Bloomberg

Flood Of Off-Lease Used Cars Push Prices Down, Upend Market
In 2014, Infiniti leased more than 28,000 Q50 luxury sedans for as little as $329 per month in a growing U.S. market. The leases accounted for more than three-quarters of Q50 sales. Now they're coming back to haunt the automaker. Like many companies that juiced sales with sweet leases during the past few years, Nissan's luxury brand now faces a hefty supply of nice, low-mileage used cars at a time when most people want SUVs. For the U.S. auto industry, about 3.5 million vehicles will come off lease this year, after 3 million returned last year, according to Automotive Lease Guide. These are huge numbers when you consider that leasing all but came to a halt during the Great Recession about a decade ago. Las Vegas Sun

Trump Ruffles Feathers By Calling Germans ‘Bad’ — On Trade
President Donald Trump has said Germans are "bad" for having a large trade surplus with the United States, drawing attention to a contentious issue at a summit of world leaders where trade is already a sticking point. As the leaders of seven wealthy democracies gathered for difficult talks on trade and climate change, Germany's Der Spiegel reported that Trump had told EU leaders the day before that the Germans were "bad, very bad." White House economic adviser Gary Cohn sought to clarify the situation Friday, noting that the president "said they're very bad on trade, but he doesn't have a problem with Germany." Las Vegas Sun

 Younger, Older Americans May Rely More On Social Security
A Gallup poll found that both younger and older Americans who are not retired say Social Security will be a major source of income for their retirement, which projects an increase in reliance on the country's largest welfare program. "The structure of retirement in the U.S. has changed significantly in recent decades, with a decline in pension plans and with a substantial, although slightly declining, percentage of workers who now say they will continue to work at least part time when they reach traditional retirement age," Gallup said in a statement. "And, even though the long-term solvency of the Social Security system remains unclear, Americans have become slightly more likely to say they will depend on it in retirement than they were in the past." UPI

Trump, May Other Leaders At G7 Sign Agreement Against Internet Terrorism
Leaders at the G7 summit in Italy agreed Friday that more needs to be done to fight global terrorism -- both on the ground and on the Internet. The heads of state -- including President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni -- concurred at the meeting in Sicily that more can be accomplished in combating militant plots and ideologies. As part of the agreement, the leaders signed a document calling on Internet companies to identify and weed out extremist material online -- elements that experts say aim to inspire and recruit radical insurgents. UPI

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German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel welcomed on Monday, to an event promoting religious peace, an extremist Iranian religious leader who called for the elimination of Israel at last year's al-Quds rally in Berlin.  The appearance of Hamidreza Torabi at the ministry puts the spotlight back on Gabriel who has been engulfed in a series of anti-Israel scandals over the years. "It is incomprehensible that an event sponsored by the foreign ministry invites a person who called for the destruction of the State of Israel," Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the head of Jerusalem office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday. Jerusalem Post
VOA VIEW: Gabriel is anti Israel and very bad.

Egyptian air force planes on Friday carried out six strikes directed at camps near Derna in Libya where Cairo believes militants responsible for a deadly attack on Christians earlier in the day were trained, Egyptian military sources said. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said he had directed strikes against what he called terrorist camps, declaring in a televised address that states that sponsored terrorism would be punished.Gunmen attacked a group of Coptic Christians traveling to a monastery in central Egypt on Friday, killing 28 people and wounding 24, with many children among the victims, Health Ministry officials said. Jerusalem Post

Egypt Hits 'Jihadist Camps' After Attack On Coptic Christians
State media say six strikes hit the town of Derna in neighbouring Libya. Gunmen earlier attacked a bus carrying worshippers in central Egypt, killing at least 28 people and wounding 25 others. President Sisi said he would "not hesitate to strike terrorist camps anywhere". Announcing the strike in a TV speech late on Friday, he promised to "protect our people from the evil". Countries supporting terrorism should be punished, he said, as he appealed to US President Donald Trump for help. BBC

US Growth Rate Revised Up To 1.2%
The US economy grew at a faster pace than initially thought in the first three months of the year. The latest official figures indicated the economy expanded at an annual pace of 1.2% in the quarter, up from the previous estimate of 0.7%. The change came after upward revisions to business and consumer spending. The initial estimate had been seen as a blow to US President Donald Trump, who pledged in his election campaign to raise growth to 4%. However, the revised figure still represents a slowdown from the 2.1% growth rate recorded in the final quarter of 2016. BBC

Trump 'Complained To Belgian PM Of Difficulty Setting Up Golf Resorts In EU
Donald Trump offered an insight into his approach to political life during his 30 hours in Belgium while munching “lots of” Belgian chocolates, it has been reported. Le Soir, a Belgian daily newspaper, reported that the US president acclaimed the chocolates, which were a gift from the Belgian government, during a meeting with the country’s prime minister, Charles Michel. “These are the best,” he said, before explaining that his ambivalent attitude towards the EU was a consequence of his experiences trying to set up businesses, notably golf resorts, on the continent. Guardian

Late-Night TV Takes On Trump's 'Toxic Culture Of Hostility Towards The Press'
Late-night hosts discussed the recent attack on the Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs after he asked Greg Gianforte, a Republican running for Congress in Montana, a question about the GOP healthcare plan. On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about the CBO analysis of the proposal, which has, again, uncovered deep-rooted problems. “They were so excited about providing the affordable healthcare to everyone that they didn’t wait to find out if they were providing affordable healthcare to anyone,” he said. Guardian

Donald Trump Could Reverse Position And Decide To Stick With Paris Accord On Fighting Global Warming
Donald Trump could announce on Saturday that he has decided to uphold the US commitment to the Paris accord on combating global warning, despite his past claims that man-made climate change is a “hoax”. But the US President would seek to water down America’s commitment to curbing greenhouse emissions, in a renegotiation that environmentalists warned would be “a disaster”. Climate change was one of the key issues discussed at the Group of Seven summit in Taormina, Sicily, on Friday.
By electing to adhere to the 2015 Paris accord, if only in part, the President could bask in positive headlines, keep a place at the table and present the deal as better than that negotiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama, analysts said. The White House has said that the President would not make a decision on the Paris Agreement until after the G7 summit, but some analysts believe Mr Trump may jump the gun. Telegraph

UN Envoy Warns Of Dire Crisis As Gaza Faces Power Cuts, Gallons Of Raw Sewage Pouring Into The Sea
The United Nations Middle East envoy today cautioned that unless urgent measures are taken to de-escalate the crisis now spiralling out of control in the Gaza Strip, there will be devastating consequences for Palestinians and Israelis alike. “In Gaza, we are walking into another crisis with our eyes wide open,” the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nickolay Mladenov, told the Security Council in New York. The senior UN official noted that the humanitarian situation has worsened since March, when Hamas set up a parallel government institution to run affairs in the enclave resulting in an “intra-Palestinian political tug-of-war.” He called for compromise, the implementation of intra-Palestinian agreements and the end of closures. UN News

Libya: UN Envoy Calls On Rival Groups To Immediately Halt Violence In Tripoli
Condemning the surging violence in Tripoli, the top United Nations official in Libya called today for an immediate end to fighting in and around the capital and for rival groups to “put Libyan national interests” ahead of their own. According to a news statement, Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for the North African country, is following reports of the violence with grave concern and has called for the fighting to stop and for civilians to be protected. UN News

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