Anyone!  Aside from the financial gain, a professional or business can obtain considerable credibility, authenticity and fame in the community by being the provider and operator of a professional and quality News and Information Portal. The professional or business can have their name on the front banner of the web site.

     Providing a single center where officials, various city agencies, schools, churches, and other organizations can post their information fast and easily is a tremendous community service that would be appreciated by all.  Especially, when you can provide the service totally free to the users.

     Any professional or business would financially benefit from owning one of our Web Portals. Especially those who do "business to business" such as advertising agencies; accountants; attorneys; insurance companies; office equipment, furniture and/or supplies companies; alarm companies; public relations firms; elected officials; political advisors; periodical or tabloid businesses; radio stations; and printing companies, just to mention a few.

     Why? They already have a commercial account base to tap into for advertising on the web site. Advertisers benefit tremendously from the low cost of advertising on a web site that has many diverse visitors.

     Even if no advertisements were sold, bearing the direct cost of one of our web portals would be cost effective for most successful professionals and businesses. 

     It’s worth the time and effort to get all the details that are not made known to the general public.  Call for one of our consultants.  (504) 455-9956