Even if no local advertisements were sold, bearing the direct cost of one of our web sites would be cost effective for most successful professionals and businesses. 

     Providing a single center where officials, various city agencies, schools, churches, and other organizations can post their information fast and easy is a tremendous community service that would be appreciated by all.  Especially, when the service is totally free to the users.

     Any professional or business would financially benefit from owning one of our Web Portals. Especially those who do "business to business" such as advertising agencies; accountants; attorneys; insurance companies; office equipment, furniture and/or supplies companies; alarm companies; public relations firms; elected officials; political advisors; and printing companies, just to mention a few.

    Why? They already have a commercial account base to tap into for advertising on the web site. Advertisers benefit tremendously from the low cost of advertising on a web site that has many diverse visitors.
     It is not easy or cheap to build and maintain a Web Site of this magnitude (www.webnetinfo.com)
. Once built, there are the costs of a.) Up-linking/hosting/maintaining/R&D; b.) National and world news gathering and publishing to the Web site; c.) local news and informational gathering; d.) Site promotion. Then, there is the sale of advertising.

     Even if you knew where to start and had the in-house expertise to do "a" and "b", it would be a very expensive proposition.  Once built, the Internet Portal is yours, even if you decide to stop using our services.  We do not require a lengthy service contract.  Why?  We are confident that no one can provide a better service, nor could you do it in-house for anywhere near our cost to you.

     The cost for one of our web sites is dependent on the extent of capabilities.  Our web sites are designed to be able to expand their capabilities.  We offer as much as 75% financing, with no credit checks and the only collateral required is the web site itself.  In fact, we are so sure of our web sites revenue capabilities, if you fail to pay, we will accept the return of the web site with no other recourse against you for not paying. 
We would consider bartering as much as 75% of the cost of the web site and monthly maintenance for advertising space for our own advertisers on your web site.

     You own the Internet Portal.  You can move it to another server, at will.  Naturally, we would not be responsible for the functionality of the web site if moved to another server.  You may choose to provide your own national and world news and information gathering.  This is not a franchise.  There are no common or shared logos, trademarks, secrets, names, supervision, liabilities, responsibilities or obligations. 

     Call us today to find out how affordable one of our web portals can be.  You will be pleasantly surprised. (504) 455-9956