Money is made by selling local and national advertising, as well as information space on the web site. The more hits to the site, the higher the advertising revenue. An Internet Portal has unlimited growth potential.  You keep 100% of your advertising revenues.  There are no predictive representations as to the number of hits or revenues that a web site will generate.

     There are hundreds of national companies that seek to advertise on web sites that attract visitors. Many already advertise on our existing portals and in most probability would advertise on any new portal that we sell (no guarantee is made, or implied). Some are displayed on the front page, and in the Shoppers Guide section of and on Some examples are American Express, Target, Wal-Mart, Western Union, Office Max, Delta Airlines, Enterprise, Hallmark, Office Depot, Ford, Lens Express, Hickory Farms, Furniture Online,, and  Ask us for more details about their methods of compensation.

     Web sites charge between $10 to $40 per thousand page hits, plus additional charges for the number of animations and web links.  Some advertisers pay commissions on the amount of hits they get from a web site, or commission on the amount of purchases made.
AFront Page Ad --  Advertising is sold on the large and small top main banners, and sidebar ads that surround the news.  The site can initially handle about 4 main banner ads in rotation at an initial revenue potential of $200 each or $800 per month; 100 sidebar ads at $100 each or  $10,000 per month.  The price for an ad would increase as the number of hits to the web site increases.
BClassified Section --  Revenues are made from the sale of classified ads in consumer sections like "real-estate", "help wanted", "swap-shop", "obituaries", "garage sales", "automobiles for sale", etc.  The site can take unlimited consumer ads at $25 each for a month, or until the item is sold, which ever comes first (200 could bring $5,000 per month).
C.  Shopper's Guide Section --  It’s an online local "Yellow Pages", but less expensive, more current and more informative. Advertisers are given a complete web page to enter whatever information they want, any time they want (it’s fast and easy). Advertisers can offer discount coupons and have the ability to publish pictures of their products directly to their individual advertising page. Each advertiser can play a role in increasing the visits to their web site and the Shopper’s Guide section by offering consumers some sort of discount or special in their advertising page. It’s a win, win for consumers to want to visit the section before they go shopping because they may find a bargain. Advertisers are placed by category in the order they sign up. Therefore it’s a big advantage to be the first, or in the beginning of any category. The best part is our limited introductory offer of only $50 per month. (200 could bring in $10,000 per month). 
D.  Public Opinion Section -- The average American has very few means to have his/her voice heard. Calling radio talk shows and letters to the editor of newspapers have their limitations.  The Public Opinion section is designed so that any citizen can have their thoughts, ideas, suggestions and complaints heard.  This is great opportunity for those in journalism school and those who aspire to be columnists.  The Public Opinion section provides subscribers their own commentary section. Each subscriber has their own password to upload their comments to their section as often as they want, and whenever they want.  Our easy to use built-in editor allows for the use of color, graphics and different fonts, as well the ability to upload pictures.  Subscribes can pay $25, $50 or more per month (depending on the size of the city and the number of hits to the web site).  A subscriber can even make money by selling ads to his/her section.  A minimum of 100 subscribers can bring in $2,500 to $5,000 per month.
E.  Other -- Elected officials, professional practitioners or service companies  (Insurance, Banking, Stock Brokers, Attorneys, Real-estate, Chiropractic, Accounting, Security, Medical, Veterinarian) can be offered an informational link on the left-side navigation bar, whereby they can offer a weekly column. This gives them credibility and exposure.  They can be charged a monthly fee, depending on the number of hits the site is generating.