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     In the past, providing information to the public was limited to first newspapers, then radio, then television. Now, the World Wide Web allows any individual and/or group to avail news and information to the world. Providing news and information to the general public is a very serious and important responsibility. An individual can obtain considerable credibility, authenticity and fame in the community by being the provider and operator of a professional and quality News and Information Portal.

     WebNetInfo.com is America's news and information center for the 21st Century. WebNetInfo.com brings news, information, and commentary to the world. We realized that national news portals are void of local touch, flavor, information and interests; local portals are void of the magnitude and dynamics of what a national portal can offer. Therefore, we retooled our web design so that it can be duplicated for any city. Our national and world newsgathering combined with local news, information and views makes a much more desirable and interesting Portal.

  Our Internet Portals can be used to enhance an individual's present business, can become a very profitable business by itself, or both. They can also be used by religious and community service organizations.

     We seek to sell you one of our Internet Portals. It can have all the same features as webnetinfo.com and jeffersonwebinfo.com. You own it completely. We have no control over your web site, and you can name it whatever you want. There are only two reasons why an individual won’t purchase one of our web portals – they didn’t take the time to read all the information herein, or they didn’t understand the information and didn’t call to allow us to further explain or clarify the concept. Almost anyone can afford one of our web portals. We have a list of over 100 national advertisers seeking to advertise on web sites that attract visitors. Discussing the possibilities with one of our consultants would be a wise investment of your time. Call us after you read the information herein (504) 455-9956.

     Take the time to read all the information herein. We can provide the up-linking, hosting, maintenance and R&D for the site. We can also provide all the national and world news gathering and publishing for the site. We provide a special section and links for you to provide the local news and information (obituaries, help wanted, swap shop, community calendar, high school scores and political to mention a few) to the site. You can also provide information about your existing business or profession. This information is already readily available and easily obtainable. We show you where to obtain it and how to upload it to your web site.

     The web site is data based driven. It has many functional areas. Each area has its own built-in editor to upload information, including pictures and graphics. Each page has its own privacy user code. The site provides full online user instructions. Anyone with Microsoft Word experience can easily make additions and changes to all parts of the web site. That's right, you don't need a professional Web Master or "IT" person on staff to manage or operate this web site.


     TODAY more than ever, we live in an information society. We are all concerned and frustrated with current events. We are thirsting for understanding and knowledge. We are all seeking answers. We are not content with our economy, government waste, the tax system, the judicial system, the crime rate, elected officials or government restraints on businesses. The demand for information has made News/Talk Radio the number one format in most markets in the United States. It has caused television to replace "shoot-em-up" and "who-dun-it" programs with programs such as "20/20", "Night Line", "60 Minutes", "Prime Time" and "Lehrer Report."


     Some facsimile of the Internet will eventually replace radio, television and newspapers. Many radio and television stations are already audio and video streaming on the Internet, and almost all newspapers are published on the Web. Within one year, automobiles will be equipped with Internet capability. There are already over 400 Internet-Only Radio stations on the World Wide Web.

     Over 93 percent of North America use the Internet. It is used to communicate, to learn, to shop and to buy. It is as integral a part of our lives as the telephone. The latest study shows that over 90 million people use the Internet from home, while 59 million use it from work and 41 million from school. The numbers are growing daily.


     A typical Web Site generally has information about a specific topic, service, product, idea, view, plan, cause, advice, etc. They are normally self-serving. There are many types, such as business, governmental, organizational, informational, political, medical, institutional, educational, etc. The majority of the most expensive and lavishly designed web sites attract very few visitors on a daily or even frequent basis.

     An Internet Portal is a tool or index that helps World Wide Web users and information seekers find what they are looking for easier and faster. An individual may visit Internet portals that they find informative and useful many times each day. An average web site has very few visits per month, while Internet portals can have 100's of thousands to millions of visits a day.

     An Internet Portal, or Web portal (both meaning the same) can be called a web site, but a web site is not necessarily an Internet portal. Internet portals are developed to attract visitors to the site. While access is generally free, the sites generally offer the visitor a wealth of information and assistance. Most Portals earn revenue through the sale of advertisements in the form of banners at the top, at the bottom, or around the information that attracts visitors to the site. Sometimes there are advertisements in the information, and/or "pop-up" display windows appear. Some Internet portals earn money by tracking statistical data from those who visit the site. Many web sites (for a fee) advertise and/or have links on Internet portals to attract visitors to their sites. The more useful the Internet portal, the greater the number of visitors and thereby the greater amount of revenue that can be generated. Visit other parts of the web site for more information.


     It took years of extensive study, research and design to configure the web design that we presently have. There was much trial and error, as there was no example to follow. To become a viable portal, we had to come up with an innovative site with the best of the best reasons that would attract repeated viewers. That was accomplished by having an easy flow of news in the center of the site's front page with direct access to the links, instead of viewers having to click to many pages for information. This concept also allows for the addition of advertising space on both sides of the news, instead of just one or two banner ads. Adding the news archives that can find stories by date, name or topic was the clincher.

     Once the site concept was developed, we had to put together the best news gathering team to find and upload the news to the site. We search the major news sources and extract the hottest stories for easy reading and reference with a direct link to the source. Finding and uploading the news twice a day became a 24/7 process that was not foreseen, but proved to be very effective in attracting viewers.

     Adding the "VOA View" added spice and fun reading to the stories, even to those who do not share the exact same view or philosophy on every issue. We added a "Daily Commentary" (Monday-Friday).

     Research and development have been ongoing and new ideas are being developed constantly.

     We recently introduced several additional features that will increase substantially the potential revenue productivity of the webs sites. The additions are a classified section, wherein pictures of the items for sale can be added; shoppers guide section, whereby merchants can offer discount coupons and have the ability to publish pictures of their products directly to their individual advertising page; public opinion section, whereby the general public can publish their own opinions and comments directly to the web site; public officials section, where elected officials and government agency heads can publish public service information directly to their designated page; polls, which can be easily changed by the web site owner as often as desired; and e-mail, whereby the public can obtain free e-mail addresses; and ability to send the web site to others by e-mail. The information provided in these additions will also increase the number of visitors to the web site. Click on the various buttons for more information.

     We also originate our own NEWS/TALK programming over the Radio (WASO AM 730) and audio stream over the Internet. This radio programming is available to our affiliate sites. We added the ability to provide each web site with audio streaming so that they can originate their own Internet Radio programming.


  1. We are America's easy, quick access to the latest news from all sources.
  2. Our news archives are a favorite. A search can be made by date, topic or name.
  3. We offer a unique view to most major stories, which are popular to those who agree or disagree with our views.
  4. We offer daily commentary, again popular with both who agree or disagree with our views.
  5. Our information links on the left navigation bar give people general reference to regularly needed information (i.e. sports info, stock market reports, weather with radar, TV Guide, medical info, government links and much more).
  6. The classified section allows the public a place to sell new and used items at a low cost; unlike a newspaper, pictures of the items can be published. 
  7. The shoppers guide section offers discounts from the participating advertising merchants.
  8. The public opinion section allows the public a place to express their opinions, as well as read the opinions of others.
  9. The public officials section offers the public direct information about road repairs and closings, school closings, community events, political happenings and much more.
  10. We can provide 24/7 News/Talk Radio Internet audio streaming to all our sites.

Visit http://www.webnetinfo.com and http://www.clarksdalewebinfo.com (Please review the various areas of the web sites yourself)


     Anyone!  Aside from the financial gain, a professional or business can obtain considerable credibility, authenticity and fame in the community by being the provider and operator of a professional and quality News and Information Portal. The professional or business can have their name on the front banner of the web site.

     Providing a single center where officials, various city agencies, schools, churches, and other organizations can post their information fast and easily is a tremendous community service that would be appreciated by all. Especially, when the service is totally free to the users.

     Any professional or business would financially benefit from owning one of our Web Portals. Especially those who do "business to business" such as advertising agencies; accountants; attorneys; insurance companies; office equipment, furniture and/or supplies companies; alarm companies; public relations firms; elected officials; political advisors; and printing companies, just to mention a few.

     Why? They already have a commercial account base to tap into for advertising on the web site. Advertisers benefit tremendously from the low cost of advertising on a web site that has many diverse visitors.

     Even if no advertisements were sold, bearing the direct cost of one of our web sites would be cost effective for most successful professionals and businesses.


     A web portal is designed to bring information and/or entertainment to the general public. The most successful web portals are those that can attract diverse visitors – male and female; young and old; rich and poor; black and white; rural and suburban; just to mention a few categories.  Visitors = hits = impressions -- the words mean the number of times people go to a particular web site.

     Our web portals attract visitors by offering the most informative news anywhere, and direct links to the most needed information, as well as all the other special features, such as the News Archives, Weather, Shoppers Guide section, Classified section and Public Opinion section. All these points of interests attract visitors to use the web portal for their main source of information. The word about a good web portal spreads fast.

     Providing the free links to officials, city agencies, schools, churches, and other organizations attracts a very large number of diverse visitors to the web portal.

     Contacting the local radio stations and bartering advertising with each other is beneficial to both parties. They offer commercials promoting the web portal in lieu of having their radio station’s web site linked to the web portal. Ads in the Shopper's Guide can be bartered for promotions by the radio station, or they can use them as bonuses to those who buy radio commercials from them. Advertising on the screens of theaters can be bartered.

     Placing yard signs throughout the community saying "Log On To (The Name Of The Web Portal)" causes curiosity. These signs can also be bartered with a printing company.  Signs can be placed in the windows and/or front yards of businesses in exchange for a discounted or free ad.  Bumper stickers can be placed on cars and front doors and windows of businesses.

     There is also the use of television commercials, outdoor billboards, mailings, faxing and the distribution of flyers. The more exposure, the faster the visitor count will grow.


     Money is made by selling local and national advertising, as well as information space on the web site. The more hits to the site, the higher the advertising revenue. An Internet Portal has unlimited growth potential. You keep 100% of your advertising revenues. There are no predictive representations as to the number of hits or revenues that a web site will generate.

     There are hundreds of national companies that seek to advertise on web sites that attract visitors. Many already advertise on our existing portals and in most probability would advertise on any new portal that we sell (no guarantee is made, or implied). Some are displayed on the front page, and in the Shoppers Guide section of yourcitywebinfo.com and on webnetinfo.com. Some examples are American Express, Target, Wal-Mart, Western Union, Office Max, Delta Airlines, Enterprise, Hallmark, Office Depot, CompuBank, Lens Express, Hickory Farms, Furniture Online, DrugStore.com, Travelocity.com and BoatersWorld.com.  Ask us for more details about their methods of compensation.

     Web sites charge between $10 to $40 per thousand page hits, plus additional charges for the number of animations and web links. Some advertisers pay commissions on the amount of hits they get from a web site, or commission on the amount of purchases made. A. Front Page Ad -- Web sites charge between $10 to $40 per thousand page hits, plus additional charges for the number of animations and web links. Advertising is sold on the large and small top main banners, and sidebar ads that surround the news. The site can initially handle about 4 main banner ads in rotation at an initial revenue potential of $200 each or $800 per month; 100 sidebar ads at $100 each or $10,000 month. The price for an ad would increase as the number of hits to the web site increases. B. Classified Section -- Revenues are made from the sale of classified ads in consumer sections like "real-estate", "help wanted", "swap-shop", "obituaries", "garage sales", "automobiles for sale", etc. The site can take unlimited consumer ads at $25 each for a month, or $50 until the item is sold, which ever comes first (200 could bring $5,000 per month). C. Shopper's Guide Section -- It’s an online local "Yellow Pages", but less expensive, more current and more informative. Advertisers are given a complete web page to enter whatever information they want, any time they want (it’s fast and easy). Advertisers can offer discount coupons and have the ability to publish pictures of their products directly to their individual advertising page. Each advertiser can play a role in increasing the visits to their web site and the Shopper’s Guide section by offering consumers some sort of discount or special in their advertising page. It’s a win, win for consumers to want to visit the section before they go shopping because they may find a bargain. Advertisers are placed by category in the order they sign up. Therefore it’s a big advantage to be the first, or in the beginning of any category. The best part is our limited introductory offer of only $50 per month. (200 could bring in $10,000 per month). D. Public Opinion Section -- The average American has very few means to have his/her voice heard. Calling radio talk shows and letters to the editor of newspapers have their limitations. The Public Opinion section is designed so that any citizen can have their thoughts, ideas, suggestions and complaints heard. This is great opportunity for those in journalism school and those who aspire to be columnists. The Public Opinion section provides subscribers their own commentary section. Each subscriber has their own password to upload their comments to their section as often as they want, and whenever they want. Our easy to use built-in editor allows for the use of color, graphics and different fonts, as well the ability to upload pictures. Subscribes can pay $25, $50 or more per month (depending on the size of the city and the number of hits to the web site). A subscriber can even make money by selling ads to his/her section. A minimum of 100 subscribers can bring in $2,500 to $5,000 per month. E. Other -- Elected officials, professional practitioners or service companies (Insurance, Banking, Stock Brokers, Attorneys, Real-estate, Chiropractic, Accounting, Security, Medical, Veterinarian) can be offered an informational link on the left-side navigation bar, whereby they can offer a weekly column. This gives them credibility and exposure. They can be charged a monthly fee, depending on the number of hits the site is generating.


     It is not easy or cheap to build and maintain a Web Site of this magnitude (www.webnetinfo.com). Once built, there are the costs of a.) Up-linking/hosting/maintaining/R&D; b.) National and world news gathering and publishing to the Web site; c.) local news and informational gathering; d.) Site promotion. Then, there is the sale of advertising.
     Even if you knew where to start and had the in-house expertise to do "a" and "b", it would be a very expensive proposition. Once built, the Internet Portal is yours, even if you decide to stop using our services. We do not require a lengthy service contract. Why? We are confident that no one can provide a better service, nor could you do it in-house for anywhere near our cost to you.
     The cost for one of our web sites is dependent on the extent of capabilities. Our web sites are designed to be able to expand their capabilities. We offer as much as 75% financing, with no credit checks and the only collateral required is the web site itself. In fact, we are so sure of our web sites revenue capabilities, if you fail to pay, we will accept the return of the web site with no other recourse against you for not paying. We would consider bartering as much as 75% of the cost of the web site and monthly maintenance for advertising space for our own advertisers on your web site.

     You own the Internet Portal. You can move it to another server, at will. Naturally, we would not be responsible for the functionality of the web site if moved to another server. You may choose to provide your own national and world news and information gathering. This is not a franchise. There are no common or shared logos, trademarks, secrets, names, supervision, liabilities, responsibilities or obligations.


     Advertisers seek exposure. An informative web portal attracts visitors. Advertisers gain from being exposed to the visitors. Promoting the web portal is the key to success for all.


     One of our many optional services is gathering national and world news for the web sites. We search the major news sources and extract the hottest stories for easy reading and reference with a direct link to the source. We post news twice a day, seven days a week. The "Early Edition" is posted just before 10pm and the final edition is posted 6am central time each day. Special reports and emergency news stories are posted as they unfold (such as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks).

     Finding and uploading the news twice a day is a 24/7 process. The optional "VOA View" adds spice and fun reading to the stories, even to those who do not share the exact same view or philosophy on every issue. We have an optional "Daily Commentary" (Monday-Friday).  Our Commentary Archives dates back to July 1998.  The Commentaries can be searched for a specific date by entering month, day and year and by searching for specific topics, incidents or issues by entering key word(s) or name(s).

     Check abc.com, cbs.com, msnbc.com, your local newspaper's site, or other such sites -- verify for yourself the fact that we have the most comprehensive and up to date news than any other news and information portal.


     The "News Archives" button appears as a main button at the top of the front page. Our daily national and world news are archived. The archives started on February 11, 2000.

     The news can be searched for a specific date by entering month, day and year and by searching for specific topics, incidents or issues by entering key word(s) or name(s). This is a very popular feature.


     The Internet Portal has various optional features. The newsgathering is the most important feature. Though very dynamic features, the "VOA VIEW" accented in red at the end of some articles and our daily commentary can be omitted for those who want to have a politically correct site. While opinionated, many people enjoy the "VOA VIEW" and our daily "Commentary", even if they disagree with the presented opinion and philosophy. In fact, our name or any reference to our providing the news and information doesn't have to appear anywhere on your site, and people would not even know that we are uploading your news. This is your call, it can be added or deleted at any time.


     Local news can be obtained directly from the major sources. The mayor, police department and other city agencies can report public information directly to a special section on the web site. These special sections (see "Mayor" page) can be added to the left side of the front page and/or the top section below the gray permanent buttons (Governments, Newspapers, Weather).

     A button could be created and linked to a page for each official. Each page has its own built-in editor to upload information, including pictures and graphics. Each official can post whatever information they deem to be of public interest or emergency -- such as road closings, street repairs, school closings, accidents, police alerts, community activities, special dates, etc. They each have their own private upload code.

     By posting the information directly, the officials don't have to worry about editing by news departments and the information is available immediately.

     Another example of how local news and information can be obtained directly is giving churches, schools, civic organizations, and clubs their own links and individual pages.

     Each page created can accommodate three rotating banner ads like those on the front page (see "Mayor" page). These ads can be sold to those who want to sponsor the official, agency or organization.  Visit other parts of the web site for more information.


     Local news and information can be added to the center of the front page. It appears below the national and world news. You can write, copy and post whatever you want in this section. It expands based on the information inputted. This information can be archived forever. The information can be retrieved by date or by searching for specific topics, incidents or issues by entering key word(s) or name(s). If national and world news is not subscribed to, the local news and information moves up in its place


     Our web sites have the option of creating a Poll for visitors to respond to issues of any kind. The Poll always appears at the end of all buttons or ads on the left side of the front page. The polls are easy to create. Anyone can create a poll in less than five minutes -- everything is built-in with easy to follow instructions. The polls can be added or deleted by a simple click of a button.


     The left side of the front page contains a list of about 20 Information Links. Any of these links can be removed and/or others can be added to the list. We did an extensive study and found that most inquiries on the Internet fall within the framework of information provided in the existing links. Our Web Site design makes navigating on the World Wide Web easy for visitors to our web sites. This increases the chances that your web site will become their permanent front page or at the very least, added to their list of favorites.


     A built-in statistics counter can verify the number of visitors to the web site by month, week, day and even hour of the day. These reports can be printed for advertiser verification.

     The number of people that listen to a radio station, watch television and even read the newspaper are all guess work -- there is no guessing on how many people visit a web site. The cost per thousand exposures can be verified.


     Our Web Site design has a "start page" feature that allows a visitor to make the web site their start page (first page when they access the Internet), bookmark the web site or email it to someone else. It appears at the end of the news section in the center of the front page. It is also a great marketing tool that will allow you to easily send the entire web site to anyone you want by email. Test it by sending yourself your own email of the web site or making this web site your start page.


     The web site is designed to provide an easy flow of information to the visitor. There is the center of the front page, which provides space for extensive narrative information -- designed for news. There is the ability to add page links on the top, left and right side of the center section. The web site can accommodate as many informational pages as may be needed. Please review all the active buttons on the front page for additional information.

OPTIONAL FEATURES A. Classified Section B. Shoppers Guide Section C. Public Opinion Section D. Local Archives E. Poll Feature

OPTIONAL SERVICES A. Web Site Hosting B. National & World News Gathering C. News Archives D. VOA VIEW On The News E. Commentary F. Local News Gathering G. Ad Design & Creation H. Live Talk Radio Broadcast   I. Radio Archives J. Ability To Broadcast Own Programming


      The opportunities of owning a community news/information portal are unlimited. However, a business plan must be followed. We provide a complete training manual, which also contains all the documents and forms you may need. Failure should not and cannot be an option.

  1. There needs to be an administrator.
  1. A person who will understand the use of the web site control panel. Our tech support will walk that person through it, and there are online instructions for each function on the control panel.
  2. A person who will also contact the various city officials and non-profit organizations to provide them a free web page.
  3. A person who will create the ads for the web site.
  4. A person who will be responsible for billing.
  1. A sales force needs to be established and trained (if applicable). The amount of sales personnel would depend on the size of the city.
  1. VOA provides a sales manual for presentations.
  2. VOA provides over 8 hours of online audio sales training.

     You can start by targeting your existing customer base (if applicable). You can offer them a Shopper’s Guide ad free for three months for being a customer. Sign contract so that billing will continue after the free offer.


     Ask yourself six questions: a.) Does VOA offer the broadest, most up-to-date and easiest to read news gathering than any other web site (check abc.com, cbs.com, msnbc.com, your local newspaper's site, or other such sites)? b.) Are there enough reasons other than national and world news to go to a VOA designed web site? c.) Would you use the VOA portal as your favorite news and information source? d.) Would you and/or your business benefit by the web site even if there were no services provided by VOA? e.) Do you have an urge to serve your community? f.) Can you and/or your business afford the cost and terms without a financial strain? If the answer is no to any of these questions, don't consider doing business with us.

     If your answer is yes, then you realize how others will feel, and why having one of our news and information portals could enhance your financial fortune. This is not a formal offer, or an acceptance agreement. You can call us at 504 - 455-9956 for more information and contract specifics. Ask us questions, investigate everything thoroughly, and base your decision on your own findings, business judgment and expertise, not sales hype. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for your decision and success.

     The web portal will be yours. VAO will have no control over your operations. We will provide and share suggestions based on our experience and the experiences of others. It will be up to you to accept or reject the suggestions. Your success will be in your hands.

Robert Namer Ownership © copyright, all rights reserved Rev. 061505

VOICE OF AMERICA P.O. BOX 10307 New Orleans, Louisiana 70181 (504) 455-9956


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