Local news can be obtained directly from the major sources.  The mayor, police department and other city agencies can report public information directly to a special section on the web site.  These special sections (see "Mayor" page)  can be added to the left side of the front page and/or the top section below the gray permanent buttons (Governments, Newspapers, Weather).

     A button could be created and linked to a page for each public official.  Each page has its own built-in editor to upload information, including pictures and graphics.  Each official can post whatever information they deem to be of public interest or emergency -- such as road closings, street repairs, school closings, accidents, police alerts, community activities, special dates, etc.  They each have their own private upload code.

     By posting the information directly, the officials don't have to worry about editing by news departments and the information is made available immediately.

     Another example of how local news and information can be obtained directly is giving churches, schools, civic organizations, and clubs their own links and individual pages.

     Each page created can accommodate three rotating banner ads like those on the front page (see "Mayor" page). These ads can be sold to those who want to sponsor the official, agency or organization.  Visit other parts of the web site for more information.