How To Enter A Web Page & Use The Editor


     The editor is designed to allow for the uploading of pictures and text to a specific page on our web site.  It first opens to the "Browser" and desired task, which is to either create a new page or editing existing page.  After the latter is determined, you click to enter the actual editor.

     We have set up a sample page so that the editor can be demonstrated.  It is very easy to use.  First read the rest of the instructions.  We have provided a passcode at the end of these instructions to enter the "Sample Page" below the "Editor Use" button.

     If you have to upload a picture, image, gif or ad, you go to the browser first.  This allows you to go the particular place in your computer (i.e.: "my documents", "external disc", "desk top") where you have a picture, image or ad stored. You click on browse, go to file and open it – you then submit photo.  You than enter the editor.

     If you don’t have a picture, image, gif or ad to upload, you open the editor either to a new page or an existing page.  Remember, if you upload a new page, the existing page of information will be deleted and replaced by the new page.  You may want to save existing pages in a file on your computer or external disc for later reference.  If you only want to make changes or additions to your present page of information, open the editor to "edit existing page."  Make your changes and click on submit.

     The editor can do almost everything that Microsoft Word and Netscape Composer can do.  Its main limitation is not being able to spell check.  You can create your text in either Word or Composer, spell check – than copy and paste it in your editor, or vice versa.  Composer will not transfer links back and forth from the editor, Word will.

     It’s best to first type in your text in black print and later change font, text colors, bold print and add background colors.  Pictures can be uploaded before or after text is typed.  Pictures can be uploaded above, or to the right and left of existing text. It’s easier to center pictures and type text below.

     When copying and pasting information from the web, the editor will copy and paste the exact font, text and color that was copied. It will also copy links.  To change the font, text or color, you must highlight the text copied and make the desired changes by using the tool bar on the editor.

     To add a web site link, you highlight what you want to link and click on the "web link" button at the top of the editor – an explorer user prompt box will open for you to type in the web link. Always remember to start with http://www. followed by the exact web address.

    To get to the passcode protected page you go to  From there, you will be asked to enter a passcode.  Call our office for the passcode.  You are free to upload information and check how it appears on the link after it is submitted.  The link is "Sample Page."  Please leave a blank page when you are finished uploading information.  That can be done by simply going to the editor and submitting a blank page.

     If you have any questions regarding the use of our web site editor, please call support services between 9am and 5pm CST (Monday-Friday). 504-455-9956.