A web portal is designed to bring information and/or entertainment to the general public. The most successful web portals are those that can attract diverse visitors – male and female; young and old; rich and poor; black and white; rural and suburban; just to mention a few categories.  Visitors = hits = impressions -- the words mean the number of times people go to a particular web site.

     Our web portals attract visitors by offering the most informative news anywhere, and direct links to the most needed information, as well as all the other special features, such as the News Archives, Weather, Shoppers Guide section, Classified section and Public Opinion section. All these points of interests attract visitors to use the web portal for their main source of information. The word about a good web portal spreads fast.

     Providing the free links to officials, city agencies, schools, churches, and other organizations attracts a very large number of diverse visitors to the web portal.

     Contacting the local radio stations and bartering advertising with each other is beneficial to both parties. They offer commercials promoting the web portal in lieu of having their radio station’s web site linked to the web portal. Ads in the Shopper's Guide can be bartered for promotions by the radio station, or they can use them as bonuses to those who buy radio commercials from them.  Advertising on the screens of theaters can be bartered.

     Placing yard signs throughout the community saying "Log On To (The Name Of The Web Portal)" causes curiosity. These signs can also be bartered with a printing company.  Signs can be placed in the windows and/or front yards of businesses in exchange for a discounted or free ad. Bumper stickers can be placed on cars and front doors and windows of businesses.

     There are also the use of television commercials, outdoor billboards, mailings, faxing and the distribution of flyers. The more exposure, the faster the visitor count will grow.