It took  years of extensive study, research and design to configure the web design that we presently have.  There was much trial and error, as there was no example to follow.  To become a viable portal, we had to come up with an innovative site with the best of the best reasons that would attract repeated viewers.  That was accomplished by having an easy flow of news in the center of the site's front page with direct access to the links, instead of viewers having to click to many pages for information.  This concept also allows for the addition of advertising space on both sides of the news, instead of just one or two banner ads.  Adding the news archives that can find stories by date, name or topic was the clincher.

     Once the site concept was developed, we had to put together the best news gathering team to find and upload the news to the site.  We search the major news sources and extract the hottest stories for easy reading and reference with a direct link to the source.  Finding and uploading the news twice a day became a 24/7 process that was not foreseen, but proved to be very effective in attracting viewers.  Adding the "VOA View" added spice and fun reading to the stories, even to those who do not share the exact same view or philosophy on every issue.  We added a "Daily Commentary" (Monday-Friday).

      Research and development have been ongoing and new ideas are being developed constantly.  We recently introduced several additional features that will increase substantially the potential revenue productivity of the webs sites.  The additions are a classified section, wherein pictures of the items for sale can be added; shoppers guide section, whereby merchants can offer discount coupons and have the ability to publish pictures of their products directly to their individual advertising page; public opinion section, whereby the general public can publish their own opinions and comments directly to the web site; public officials section, where elected officials and government agency heads can publish public service information directly to their designated page; polls, which can be easily changed by the web site owner as often as desired; and e-mail, whereby the public can obtain free e-mail addresses; and ability to send the web site to others by e-mail.  The information provided in these additions will also increase the number of visitors to the web site.  Click on the various buttons for more information.

     We also originate our own NEWS/TALK programming over the Internet and audio stream over the Internet.  This radio programming is available to our affiliate sites.  We added the ability to provide each web site with audio streaming so that they can originate their own Internet Radio programming.


     1.  We are America's easy, quick access to the latest news from all sources.
     2.  Our news archives are a favorite.  A search can be made by date, topic or name.
     3.  We offer a unique view to most major stories, which are popular to those who agree or disagree with our views.
     4.  We offer daily commentary, again, popular with both who agree or disagree with our views.
     5.  Our information links on the left navigation give people general reference to regularly needed information (i.e.
          sports info, stock market reports, weather with radar, TV Guide, medical Info, government links and much more). 
     6.  The classified section allows the public a place to sell new and used items at a low cost; unlike a newspaper,
          pictures of the items can be published.

     7.  The shoppers guide section offers discounts from the participating advertising merchants.
     8.  The public opinion section allows the public a place to express their  opinions, as well as read the opinions of

     9.  The public officials section offers the public direct information about road  repairs and closings, school closings,
          community events, political happenings and much more.

    10. We can provide 24/7 News/Talk Radio Internet audio streaming to all our sites, with full show archives.

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